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  • China has a real-life Squid Game harvesting the organs of political dissidents
  • Thousands of prisoners are slaughtered for hearts, kidneys, livers and corneas 
  • UN experts recently released a statement about the 'kill to order' organ program
  • But the international community are powerless to stop the terrifying trade


PUBLISHED: 22:54 BST, 16 October 2021 | UPDATED: 08:46 BST, 17 October 2021

Since it first hit Netflix last month South Korean horror series Squid Game has captivated audiences in over 90 countries, quickly becoming the most watched international show in the streaming platform's history.

Viewers were enthralled by the blood-soaked dystopian thriller that pits players against each other in contests fought to the death for a chance to win cash.

And while the Asian drama is obviously fictitious and a pointed critique of modern life, one of the show's side plots where human beings have their organs harvested and sold is very real.

China's Communist Party removes hearts, kidneys, livers and corneas from 100,000 dissidents and political prisoners every year, with a government-run 'kill to order' organ-trafficking network operating on a grand scale, human rights groups claim.

But the international community remains powerless to stop the slaughter because the World Health Organisation is compelled to accept the totalitarian nation's 'inadequate and misleading' hospital data without question.   


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